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Who Is a Locksmith and What Does He Do?

Simply put, a locksmith is a person who has a certain level of knowledge on how to handle and work with locks, keys and security systems. The term Locksmith could be used to refer to both the person and the profession.

The basic role of a locksmith is to make keys, install security systems like the alarms and fix broken locks. Some countries like Brisbane locksmith have to follow some set rules, while in others they don’t.

Initially, locksmith was just a skill that would be learnt by apprenticeship. Today however, most locksmith should go to a college or university to train and get certificate or degree in order for them to practice. Their services are vast and could take them a couple of years before they are fully trained.

Most locksmith serve their customers on site or from a shop, however there are the mobile locksmith like those who offer automotive services. They use various types of equipment to complete their tasks.

Other than fixing locks, locksmith offer many other services that would extend all the ways to both domestic and commercial security. Locksmith Brisbane is one of the highly developed professions and could offer the basic services of a locksmith and much more that include:

– Fitting new locks incase the older ones have gone through wear and tear

– Cutting keys and making key duplicates

– Breaking locks without causing damage to the key and door

– Repairing old or broken locks

– Extracting broken or snapped keys from existing locks

– Cover auto locksmith services, safes and access control.

If I need to hire a locksmith near me, how do I differentiate a car locksmith from a door locksmith?

Many atimes you could be in a crisis on what services to hire. You could have your door lock broken but the only locksmith you know is one who repairs cars. So how do you differentiate?

First and foremost, both door and car locksmith deal in lock and key business. However, they are two different techniques under the same profession. Each have his duties and it’s hard to find one in the field of the other. To help you distinguish them, here are their duties:

Car Locksmith Duties;

The knowledge of electronics is basic and essential for one to offer auto car locking services. Car locksmith therefore has basic experience in programming electronics. These are some of the basic services offered:

  • Replacement of car keys
  • Unlocking of locked car doors
  • Repairing broken or damaged lock
  • Fixing car lock
  • Extracting broken car keys from ignition
  • Designing car keys

Door Locksmith Duties

On the other hand, though there are auto door lock services needed in various homes and door locksmith needs to have a basic knowledge in electronics, their services are basically manual. Te following are the services they offer;

  • Making duplicate keys
  • Making and installing locks
  • Sliding glass door locks
  • Repair of broken or damaged keys and locks


It goes without say that at one point in your lifetime, you will need the services of a locksmith. Going through this article gives you a basic knowledge and understanding of exactly who and what a locksmith does.