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Why should you do asbestos surveys?

Do I need an asbestos survey? 12 reasons you need one | RB Asbestos

Asbestos is a harmful element that will be present in several particles and also in the environment. You can find the presence of asbestos even in the products that you are using daily. However, you have to make sure that the asbestos components are not disturbed. Once they break or get disturbed, some fibers will get mixed with air. Inhalation of these fibers while breathing will cause serious health effects in humans. Although the direct use of asbestos materials in construction is banned in 1990, there are still several buildings that contain some amounts of the element in their materials. So, you could not find an asbestos-free building in your locality. If the maintenance of these buildings is poor, the asbestos fibers will contaminate your environment, causing you several health issues. Apart from maintenance issues, there are risks when you are about to renovate, remodel, and destroy a building. The workers and other people in the surroundings may get exposed to the harmful element. So, there arises a need for the property owner to conduct the required asbestos testing processes and asbestos reports the levels of risk associated with the planned action. There are three main reasons to do asbestos surveys. 

Why do asbestos surveys?

Asbestos identification

Conducting asbestos surveys is the only option to find out whether the building materials contain asbestos. Since you could not see or characterize asbestos by yourself, a survey alone could help you. If you conduct necessary tests, you will get to know the parts containing asbestos, and the assessments will give you reports on the levels of risk associated with it. As a property owner, it is vital to know the asbestos information about your home.

Risk assessment

There are several reasons for the ban on the usage of asbestos materials in construction and other activities. You may get lung diseases and many other diseases when exposed to asbestos fibers. Hence, it is necessary to check the levels of risks associated with the processes going on the property. Else, people and workers will get in contact with the contaminated air without the knowledge of these risks. Risk assessment and proper reports are vital to restrict people from getting health issues. Also, there are high risks of asbestos release from older buildings. So, you should conduct risk assessments on these traditional properties although you are not going to remodel or demolish them. 


It is recommended to go for a reliable and experienced contractor to conduct the asbestos surveys in your home. It is to make sure that the presence of asbestos in your building is established, in the right way. They will not do the assessments carelessly and put you in trouble of dealing with asbestos contamination. Considering your safety and the workers’ safety should be your top priority when you are about to start working on your property. Once you know the location and concentration of asbestos in your building, the remodeling works can happen without any safety issues.