Working Mechanism of IPL Machine: Its Utilization In Aesthetic Industry 

What is an Intense Pulse Light Machine?

An intense Pulse Light machine is used in many different aesthetic cosmetic procedures. The infrared light serves to remove unwanted hair and smooth out the skin’s texture and help combat acne.

Intense Pulse Light Machine for Hair Removal

Intense pulse light machines can get rid of unwanted hair in specific areas of the body. It is done by destroying the hair follicle beneath the skin. Once the intense Pulse Light burns away the follicle, the follicle melts and cannot begin producing new hair. Hair will no longer grow in the area in which intense Pulse Light is administered, as there will be no live follicle to produce new hairs. 

Additionally, this type of hair removal treatment has lasting effects. Often, the hair will not grow back for a few years at a time. A few years after the initial treatment, the individual can re-administer Light pulse treatment to kill the follicle that had begun to grow back.

Intense Pulse Light Treatment for Acne

This type of treatment is also useful for riding the patient of acne. The Intense Pulse Light gets rid of unwanted bacteria beneath the skin with strong frequencies. This intense Pulse Light serves to sanitize the area, cleansing it of unwanted bacteria. This is found to be much more useful than topical exfoliants or anti-microbial washes because it is a vital administration of anti-bacterial treatment.

How Do I Get an Intense Pulse Light Treatment for My Skin Issues?

Receiving treatment for these issues with intense Pulse Light is accessible and easy. You may go to a cosmetic or medical spa to receive laser hair removal treatment. In this case, the practitioner will administer the intense Pulse Light treatment in the spa to help rid you of hair or decrease your acne. He or she may also give you numbing cream to reduce the pain.

It is also possible to receive intense Pulse Light treatment in the comfort of your own home, should you decide to purchase a machine off of the internet. This option involves purchasing your own handheld intense Pulse Light machine and administering the treatment yourself. You should read the instructions carefully and can apply numbing cream in advance if you do prefer. 

Another way that you may receive the treatment is by your dermatologist. He or she may find it necessary to give you such treatment after examining your acne condition. He or she may administer the treatment in the dermatologist’s office. 

Does Intense Pulse Light Treatment Hurt?

Intense Pulse Light treatment is, in some cases, painful. There are, however, methods for treating the skin with minimal pain. The most notable process is to apply a medical grade numbing cream in advance. You can also purchase this from your local medical spa or your dermatologist as a prescription. It is possible to apply the cream to the entire affected area and then let it sit for a good 30 minutes, which will allow the cream to set into the skin.

Once the cream has set in, you can begin the intense Pulse Light procedure with minimal to no detectable pain. You will feel a buzzing or a slight stinging. You will be able to perform the process with ease in this way.

Does Intense Pulse Light Have Any Serious Side Effects?

Intense Pulse Light is not known to cause any significant side effects to the user. The only side effect is pain during the treatment itself, which, as indicated above, is entirely avoidable only with the administration of numbing cream. 

Intense Pulse Light was invented for skincare treatment in 1992 and has seen much public approval since then. This technology has improved patient skin health for twenty years and removed unwanted hair successfully, without complaint of significant side effects.

How Can I Get Started Using Intense Pulse Light?

You may contact your local medical spa or dermatologist to get started with intense Pulse Light treatments. They will perform a consultation to determine that you are a healthy candidate for the treatment. They will also ensure that you do not have skin conditions affected by intense Pulse Light treatment.

You may also choose to purchase your own handheld intense Pulse machine off of the internet if you prefer. You can then read the instructions manual and perform the intense Pulse Light treatment at home. The intense Pulse machine will be just as effective at home as used in the dermatologist’s office or at the local medical spa.