Great Company For Fly Fishing Resources

A couple of years ago my brother and I decided we wanted to try out fly fishing on a whim. We’d done regular spin fishing and we really didn’t know the difference but we figured it would be no problem to adjust to. 

Well, that is not necessarily true when you opt to do a day of fishing with no guide. We didn’t think we needed one. Well we were seriously wrong about that. 

Our day was not great. We didn’t know what we were doing, and it was not just like regular spin fishing. So we basically wasted a day. 

Luckily we were staying for the weekend. We had one more day. We booked a guide to take us on the next day and we were just shocked by how much we could learn. 

We also felt a little dumb, and we explained that to our guide and he told us that we wouldn’t believe how many times new people came around thinking it would be easy and got a bit of a surprise. 

We were happy to hear that. We didn’t feel like total idiots anymore. So we really paid attention and made sure we were absorbing as much as we could. 

The guide was incredibly helpful and explained a lot of things that would be good for real beginners; some tips you might learn at a lesson just starting out. 

He then pointed us in the direction of Trouts Fly Fishing. He said that they were an amazing resource for anything I wanted to read and learn about everything fly fishing. 

When we arrived back home I took his advice and really sat down to learn whatever I could that they made available on their website. The things I learned were basically invaluable to me. 

Apparently my brother had done the same and was as equally intrigued as I was about this. I learned so much and was so interested in it that I knew I wanted to give it another shot. 

So my brother and I decided to just go all in. We looked at products on Trouts Fly Fishing and ordered the G. Loomis IMX-PRO Fly Rod. Best decision of both of our lives. 

Here’s why: after our one mishap, we consumed so much information and learned so much. We saw so many things we shouldn’t do, that we did that first time when we went in blind. 

We were now fly fishing every weekend, and there’s nothing quite like doing something when you really know how to do it. There’s just an air of confidence and everything carries on as planned.

Overall I’d say that because of Trouts Fly Fishing, We have this amazing hobby that we really, truly enjoy. We spend family time together, and we have a great time because we really know what we’re doing. We could not be doing what we do right now if it wasn’t for them.